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Landscape Design, Construction, and Renovation for Commercial Properties, Boise, ID

At Lawn Co, we provide expert knowledge and extensive experience in commercial landscape design, construction, and maintenance. Our commercial landscape designers and contractors have worked in many types of environments, including residential subdivisions, commercial and building, and industrial landscaping.
Before we begin construction, we will meet with you to determine the new commercial construction or renovation landscaping needs of your property. With you, we will create an aesthetic environment that enhances your property. As we do this, we will focus on beauty through
seasonal color patterns (link to seasonal color page), tree and plant health, water conservation, and functionality.
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Construction of your landscape may include the following steps:

Demolition of existing structures and removal or pruning of current vegetation. 
Hardscape construction, including building walls, placing pavers, and installing other structures and features.
Installation of topsoil and grading to insure proper water runoff.
Installation of irrigation systems and lighting.
Planting of trees, shrubs, ground cover, and lawn or turf.
Final inspection to guarantee that everything is done according to specifications!
Our work is not over just because your landscaping construction is finished! We offer extended commercial landscape maintenance services to keep your project looking beautiful for you and your guests.

From landscape design to weekly maintenance, we'll keep your grass greener, healthier and looking its best all season long.

For the best in the landscaping industry, contact us for residential or commercial services at (208) 323-0234 or send us a message!
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